Scott Ostler

"I'm just a sports columnist (San Francisco Chronicle), so what do I know?

"But I've played a lot of basketball, watched a lot, used to cover the NBA as beat writer covering the Lakers (L.A. Times). I thought I knew a lot. But when I went to one of Tom Nordland's clinics (I coach a kids' team), I was hit with a lightning bolt. I realized not only did I know nothing about shooting, but a lot of NBA and college players and coaches don't, either.

"In basketball, nobody corrects a shooter, as long as the shooter has attained a certain level or status. He or she can have all kinds of funk going on, but hey, it's his stroke. Now, if Reteif Goosen swung a club like Happy Gilmore, a million coaches would fix him or else he'd be hacking around muni courses. Why aren't there some basic rights and wrongs about shooting a basketball? Turns out there are.

"I hate bandwagons and snake-oil salesman, but I've tried Tom's stuff on my own shot, and I swear, it's like The Truth. And I've watched basketball with new eyes and have seen nothing that would disprove any of Nordland's theories, which are pretty simple. When you think about it, The Truth usually turns out to be amazingly simple, once it is discovered. If someone gives this guy a chance to spend some real time with some real players, it's going to shake up the hoops world.

"Jerry West once told me the secret to the jump shot: 'It's just a simple lever,' he said. Nordland breaks down bad levers and re-builds 'em simpler and more efficient. If someone is crazy enough to give this guy a gig, the secret's going to be out."

-Scott Ostler, Sports Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle