Learning Basketball Shooting : The Awareness "Monster"

After a recent set of clinics, my top Coach-in-Training, Ernest Johnson, from D.C. and I were talking about the value of Feedback. I've been taught by my mentors that physical learning occurs from in-the-moment "awareness of experience" much more than from being told what to do or reading about it or even seeing it. When you can FEEL something, like the difference between a tight wrist and hand and a relaxed wrist and hand, that feeling (experience) will teach you about wrist-hand tension and how effective or ineffective it is. The "idea or concept" of something is superseded by the "experience" of it, and a much deeper learning can occur.

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Whose "Fundamentals" Are They Anyway? (A New Look at the Fundamentals of Basketball Shooting)

What are the so-called "Fundamentals" of shooting? This reflection was triggered in late 2005 by viewing some of my collection of shooting videos, DVD's and CD's, including some new ones I recently got. (I thought to update it as of a year later, with some new insights.)

Though there is some consistency of thought, I find a lot of differences, too. And some of the things that many of these people agree on are totally contrary to what I've discovered in my own exploration of shooting.

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